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Chad R., CRNA

I have worked for AAPA for the past 12 years of my 14 year anesthesia career. What I appreciate, and what any future employee can anticipate, is a career filled with the following key components: Support, Hard Work, and Flexibility. 

The management staff within AAPA has your back and will support you through both professional and personal growth. We all know life will hand us challenges both inside and outside of the OR. At AAPA you can rest easy knowing our management will meet you with an empathetic and open mind when those challenges inevitably come your way. As a parent of a child with special needs this support has been instrumental in the success of my career.

We have a hard work ethic here at AAPA and that ethic is dependent on our collaborative teamwork. Whether it be one of our staff anesthesiologists turning over your room at a surgery center or a CRNA partner setting up your out of department case, you know you have teammates working hard to set you up for a successful day. You will work hard for team AAPA, and your AAPA teammates will work hard for you.

Flexibility, in my opinion, is one of the keys to work life balance. At AAPA that flexibility comes in many forms and you will experience choices within the following areas: a variety of FTE options, shift lengths/rotations, and several clinical sites to choose from. Those flexible choices will allow you to create a rotation within a clinical site (or two) that will provide the best work-life balance you will find in the Twin Cities.

On top of these three key components you will receive a competitive compensation and benefit package. I hope to see you here and experiencing the best of what AAPA has to offer.

Katie S., CRNA

For me, AAPA really satisfies the criteria I looked for in a job, both professionally and personally. There is a great mix of case types, patient acuity, and practice settings to keep my skills fresh and allow for lots of variety. I greatly like and respect my anesthesiologist and CRNA colleagues, and genuinely enjoy seeing everyone when I come to work. As a mom with young kids, I really appreciate that the schedule has been very conducive to work-life balance. I’m really grateful to be a part of this great team and plan to stay for a long time!

Cassie Joseph, CRNA

Every day I am lucky to be surrounded by some of the most brilliant, hardworking, dependable, and genuine people I call my friends and coworkers. The tailored and individualized work schedule, which is unique to AAPA, fosters an environment that encourages a healthy work-life balance. AAPA also cares deeply about their staff and patients, and I am proud to work for and with such an incredible group of anesthesia providers.


Partnered Facilities With Varied Practice Options

At AAPA it's easy to shape your career to suit your ambitions. Our practice settings include some of the Twin Cities finest medical centers, community hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers.

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AAPA Benefits

We believe in compensating our team for their dedication and commitment.

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Exceptional Support

Our skilled management team handles all aspects of the business operations. This allows our anesthesiologists and CRNAs to focus on what matters most: providing value through superior patient care. 


Living in Minnesota

The Midwest offers the best of both city life and outdoor adventure. With access to many activities within the cities and surrounding suburbs, the North Shore, and green space in every neighborhood, it is easy to be active outside of the operating room. 


Love Your Career

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