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MD Career Opportunities

AAPA provides an environment to meet career interests for both new and experienced anesthesiologists. If you are a board-certified or board-eligible anesthesiologist with an interest in a career that offers a variety of practice environments, then AAPA may be the place for you. 

We are seeking exceptional anesthesiologists to join our changing and growing anesthesiology practice. We are looking for anesthesiologists to work in the operating room within an anesthesia care team model in a full-time capacity. We are especially interested in candidates who wish to focus a portion of their practice in either cardiac, regional, or pediatric anesthesia.

This position requires strong clinical knowledge and skills, a commitment to lifelong learning, exceptional communication, and the highest level of professionalism. It requires that you work well within a team environment.  

For additional information and to apply, please send your cover letter and Curriculum Vitae to our physician recruiters at [email protected].

Megan Clinton, MD

Accepting a position as an Anesthesiologist at AAPA is the best career decision I have ever made. Our group focuses on clinical excellence with a positive team approach. We stay up to date on current clinical advances via our medical practice program, and are known for our efficiency in all of the hospitals and surgery centers in which we work. As an Anesthesiologist with AAPA, I am able to care for a wide range of patients (pediatric, adult, and obstetric patients) of varying levels of acuity. At the end of the day, I feel satisfied that I have helped patients and worked as a valuable member of our care team.

The best part of AAPA is the people with whom I work. The other physicians, CRNAs, and support staff have become friends both in and out of the work environment. The early mornings associated with a career in anesthesia are made more enjoyable by the camaraderie in the office as we prepare for the day. I know that I can always call on a colleague for help or advice on challenging clinical situations, as we are truly a team. Moreover, we are their to celebrate each other's major life events such as graduation parties, baby showers, weddings and retirements. The people truly make this job!

Ian Mitchell, MD

I chose AAPA because of their strong presence on the east side of the metro. Additionally I was interested in AAPA's varied practice settings where I could practice cardiac anesthesia one day and at an outpatient surgical center the next day.

Cole Laber, MD

AAPA has a large footprint in the Twin Cities area, and this attracted me to the practice. I appreciate the ability to find my niche in the practice, whether that means practicing in cardiac anesthesia, hospital settings, or practicing in ambulatory surgery centers. There is a ton of variety in the daily practice and it is a truly supportive and collaborative setting throughout.

Dan Hottinger, MD

I began working at AAPA in 2019. One of my roles at AAPA is to serve on our Education Committee. This is a joint effort between AAPA physicians and anesthetists to provide ongoing education tailored to our anesthesia practice. Examples include dissemination of site-specific updates to guidelines or protocols, staying current in evolving areas of practice, and drawing from AAPA’s complex, extensive clinical volume to share important pearls that our whole team can benefit from. I believe that having this ongoing education helps grow and leverage the special skills that each member brings to our team, and this collaboration is one of the reasons that I enjoy working for AAPA.

Asha Nookala, MD

I joined AAPA because of the great team dynamic between physicians and CRNA's. The practice stays current by continuing to practice the most recent evidence based medicine. The wide variety of patients from pediatrics to adults allows us to care for individuals throughout the years.


Varied Practice Options

At AAPA it's easy to shape your career to suit your ambitions. Our practice settings include some of the Twin Cities finest medical centers, community hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers.

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Physician Ownership

AAPA is owned and led by anesthesiologists. Practicing physicians guide our strategic direction and oversee practice management. 

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AAPA Benefits

We believe in compensating our team for their dedication and commitment.

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Living in Minnesota

The Midwest offers the best of both city life and outdoor adventure. With access to many activities within the cities and surrounding suburbs, the North Shore, and green space in every neighborhood, it is easy to be active outside of the operating room. 



Exceptional Support

Our skilled management team handles all aspects of the business operations. This allows our anesthesiologists to focus on what matters most - providing value through superior patient care. 

To support our clinicians, AAPA has a corporate office located in Minnesota which handles billing, credentialing, contracting, finance, accounting, compliance, marketing, IT, human resources, and operations. 


Love Your Career

For additional information and to apply, please send your cover letter and Curriculum Vitae to our physician recruiters at [email protected].